I got this case in the mail today and figured I'd post a mini-review here for those interested.

What it is: a part-leather, part-plastic case that exposes the Treo's buttons, screen and most ports, and snaps onto a belt clip.

What is exposed: USB port, volume controls, stylus, power button, volume off/on slider.

What is accessible under the soft plastic: keys (they work okay), buttons and five-way nav (they work well), screen (it works but not well, see below).

What is semi-exposed: headphone jack. I say "semi-exposed" because the leather around the port prevents the stereo adapter from fitting well. I can't push it in far enough for it to work. I think that the headset would work fine, though.

What is not exposed: SD card slot, reset button, camera (although there is a flip-down cover that lets you use the camera without removing the entire case).

Quality: It looks pretty good. The leather part is soft black leather, average quality, solid stitching. The plastic part is soft and flexible enough to let you use the keyboard and other buttons. However, it's so soft that you worry over time you'll cause breaks or splits in the plastic with heavy use of the keyboard. Also, there is a significant problem with the screen - to touch the upper parts of the screen on a Sprint phone, you have to really push in, causing the plastic to feel that it's being warped. This is due partly to the screen being naturally recessed, partly to the Sprint bump for the earphone.

This case can be used on the phone most of the time - making/receiving calls, using calendar and date book functions, and using it as a speaker phone. I doubt that I will feel comfortable using it while making serious use of PDA functions, or sending more than cursory IMs or e-mails. I will worry too much about warping/breaking the soft plastic.

It's convenient. It can be either kept in your pocket in the case - the overall thickness is about equal to using the slipcase that came with the phone - or it can be snapped into the included plastic belt clip. The clip mechanism seems solid and well-designed. You push a button at the top of the clip to release the phone, and push the phone back down into it to snap it into place.

I feel a little more comfortable with the thought of dropping the phone - not that I want to drop it in any situation! But it's so heavy and so crammed with electronics that the thought of the naked phone slipping to the pavement gives me the willies. This case isn't very thick, but a little leather's better than no leather. It feels to me like it triple's the phone's odds of surviving a drop onto asphalt or pavement.

All in all, I'd recommend this, particularly if you will use the device mostly as a phone. If you make heavy use of the touch screen, it may be more trouble than it's worth, as you'll be pulling it in and out of the case often. It would be much nicer - in fact, it would be awesome - if they found a way to make the touchscreen fully useable.

Cost: $29.99 on Handspring's site.