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    I just migrated a Treo 300 user to a Treo 600 in my company. I got a very evil result when I made a test call - the phone crashed everytime I made a call into it.

    I did a litle digging using Filez and found that the old phone had Treo300SMS and also MonkeyRinger. So I deleted these but the crashes still happened. I checked the ##377 log and it was the Phone that was crashing with a 6341 InvalidUniqueID error.

    What to do?... So I had ruled out MonkeyRinger intercepting the caller ID and I had removed Treo300SMS so I next thought of ringtones because that was what the phone was trying to do when it crashed - i.e. show the caller and select a ringtone.

    I deleted MIDI Ringtones just using the Delete command in the launcher and al is well again.

    My theory is this... aftermarket applications on Treo 300 used this database to modify ringtones that were being installed on to the radio module. The Treo 300 and 600 share the same file name and it is being migrated from the backup folder from the 300. Quick fix is to simply delete it and the 600 will regenerate the file with the real ringtones.
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    Same problem I had, and same class of solution.
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    I suspect this solution works for Ringo, TCRinger and other apps that modify the ringtones on Treo 300. All of these mess with the MIDI rintone file.

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