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    As you can guess I'm upgrading from a Palm IIIe to a Treo 600-what a jump!!!!

    I know I can beam all the other databases across but how do I transfer all my datebook contents across to the new T600 as it has a 'lock' symbol next to it in the 'beam' menu

    Any ideas???
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    Can any of you 'experts' help?????

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    No HotSync???
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    I want to start a fresh new Palm dsktop and uninstall the old one in case I get incompatibility problems
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    Sync your IIIe one last time.

    Create a new sync username.

    Go into Outlook or Palm Desktop (whichever you use) and change which username you sync with. In Outlook, you can do this under Chapura Settings and then by going into the "Pocket Mirror" folder (under Sent Items) and deleting the note with your old sync name. Not sure how to do it in Palm Desktop but it's the same principle.

    Next time you sync, all contact/calendar info should transfer over. you will then move whatever programs you want manually, either through sync or beam.

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