VersaMail 2.5 docs say that the transport does *not* support SSL for a directly IMAP (or POP) configured account (as opposed to desktop syncing to get e-mail).

VersaMail 2.6 docs say:
"The VersaMail application supports SSL for incoming mail only; for example, if AT&T is your e-mail service provider, you can receive messages over a secure (SSL) connection."

But VersaMail 2.6 FAQ also says:
"VersaMail 2.6 supports only the Palm Tungsten T3 and Tungsten E handhelds. It does not work on any other handhelds."

So ... is that last quote true? Why? (I can't see anyway to buy it in any case.)

Also, has ANYONE actually tried VersaMail with SSL & IMAP?

I find PaPi-Mail painful. Functional, but painful. And I don't think there are other IMAP & SSL options.