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    Just picked up a T600 and of course now all my software must support the 5-way button

    I'm a current ActNames 4.x user.

    Anyone out there use both Agendus and Beyond Contacts?

    I know Agendus will support the 5-way in v7, and I assume Beyond Contacts will as well.

    Any thoughts?

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    I've got the most recent version of Beyond Contacts -- nice except for two things: (1) doesn't yet fully support Treo's 5-way nav yet; and (2) Treo uses native Palm contacts dB for phone and SMS apps -- BC doesn't.

    Agendus solves #2 but not #1 yet. I'm considering switching. Will preview Agendus this weekend and decide.
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    Decided to stick with contacts dB in Beyond Contacts and set the native Palm contacts dB to "Outlook overwrites handheld" -- thus having two contact databases. I'll only make changes in BC, but native one will be kept up-to-date since T600 SMS and phone app us it.

    It's not a perfect solution, but I've got enough RAM to house both contact dB's right now. When I get low on RAM, there might be another option.

    Deciding factors for me:
    (1) BC has location field for appts. -- Agendus doesn't, but said it will with next version
    (2) BC -- and KeySuite for that matter -- accomodates more email addresses, phone numbers, and snail mail addresses per contact than Agendus does -- not clear when Agendus might add similar capability
    (3) SnapperMail is better at wireless email than mail app that's part of Agendus Professional and BC syncs Outlook's inbox, including attachments.

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