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    Originally posted by chiru

    Check this thread.

    Thanks. So judging by that thread I'm assuming it works exactly the same as it always has.
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    Originally posted by bram
    An annoyance of the Treo 300 is that there is no indication of coverage (or even if wireless mode is turned on) when connected to the charger. More than once I've reset the phone, turning wireless mode off, then connected it to the charger without realizing, and missed a bunch of messages. If the LED did different things when charging depending on coverage, I would have noticed sooner or later that wireless mode was off. If your app could fix this, that would be great.
    A way to avoid that problem would be using a program like TreoTools that turns on the phone automatically after a reset. I haven't used TreoHelper but I've heard it has this functionality as well. And I'm pretty sure both are already compatible with the 600. And even more importantly, they allow you to turn the phone on and off at specified times (which was a life saver on my treo 180 battery).

    EDIT: sorry forgot to include a link


    I'm not sure about TreoHelper's site but there have been a few threads on it in this forum so a search would probably do the trick.
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    On BlackBerry, the LED flashes Red when you have new unread email waiting in your inbox. Sure wish the Treo 600 had this functionality !
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    PxT, and updates? I think a few of us could use a program that just turned off the LED, while you continue working on more robust functions.
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