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    I've had my Sprint/CDMA Treo 600 for a couple of days now. For kicks I ran bmeter and compared it to my Cingular 180 (GPRS).

    In sunny San Diego;

    Sprint Treo 600
    Iterations: 20
    Min - 127 bytes/sec
    Max - 17066 bytes/sec
    Avg - 1645 bytes/sec

    Cingular Treo 180
    Iterations: 20
    Min - 1131 bytes/sec
    Max - 3011 bytes/sec
    Avg - 2534 bytes/sec

    During normal use the CDMA Treo600 downloads much faster, 3meg files in a few minutes; any idea why the bmeter results don't agree?
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    those numbers for sprint are pretty suspicious. you should be getting around 50-70 kbps (or ~8000 bytes/s) on average. that's what i get when using my sprint phone as a modem. maybe bmeter doesn't work reliably with os5?
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    bmeter was tested with PalmOS 5 and works OK.

    wireless connection is not sure thing, so
    download seep could fluctuate. Run more iterations and try from differen locations.
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    I got about the same results when I tried bmeter the other day. The initial transfer rate is terrible (100-200 bps) and then all the subsequent rates are normal (5000-8000 bps). I've noticed the same thing with Blazer. It takes a while (maybe 5 seconds) to really get going, and then it zips right through the download at a good pace.

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