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    Using treomail on T300, it remembers when I enter in an email address, and does autocomplete if I send something to same person again.

    Email 1:

    I type: "" in To: Field

    Email 2:

    I type: "nam" and it autocompletes the rest of the line

    The new version (MessageXPress or whatever is called from vistio) doesn't do this.

    It does have "Look up address" and "add address to contacts" and even a "quicklist" category for them, but no autocomplete.

    Is this a bug? Anyone else see this? I am using corp edition with outloook/msexchange
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    MessageXpress is different than TreoMail in some respects. It shows that Handspring did not take part in the feature design in some places like this.
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    Look at this thread:

    I sent that list of stuff to Visto, kind of complaining about the new Visto client, compared to the old client. it was based on my use on the 300, and I sent them an update once I got the 600, saying the client function on the 600 was at least much better than it had been on the 300, but that some things still weren't as good as they had been with treoMail (but, on the other hand, some things are actually better - the SMS push is huge, as is reading word attachments).

    Bottom line - what you're experiencing is not a bug, just the way the new client works....

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