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    So I took the leap and ordered a set of these this week.
    Easy ordering and shipped immediately but they’re going back to Utah on Monday.

    Known limitations:
    After reading this thread I knew it wasn’t my ideal solution but I was willing to live with its design and even saw a benefit to having a standard plug for other uses without an adapter

    Sound Quality:
    Great sound from both although iTunes on my laptop (surreal to see it on my pc) seemed to have more depth. I’m no audiophile but I’d give the phones a solid rating here.

    The cord length from headphones to the clip is approximately 10 inches. This is considerably longer than a standard “dangle” headset mic which is only around 3 inches from your ear. I guess it allows you to clip it up higher and maintain a range of movement but I think it would have been better to have a small mic at the standard length, then a control box further down the cord with volume etc. The volume control worked well for controlling the volume from the stereo mini plug source. The answer button also functioned as designed but the button is fairly loose and rattles which I found annoying.

    The Plugs:
    After reading earlier posts from SK claiming a snug fit I was disappointed to find that the phone connector between my 600 and SK headset is NOT snug. I agree that it wouldn’t fall out that easily but it doesn't keep the connection unless the plug is twisted the right way. On mine it seems there were 180 degrees where it works and 180 degrees where it didn't. I had it plugged in with the latter method and ended up blasting Funky Squaredance through the treo's speaker for my whole office to hear (I converted the vid to kinoma if anyone is interested). The 180 degree range that it works is blocked if you have a power/sync connector plugged in so it’s really 2 spots I could find that would allow any sound to come out and unless I didn’t touch it or held it in place it would lose the connection and start a public broadcast.

    So... until they make a 600 specific version or fix the plug on the existing I'm going to keep looking.
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    Thanks for taking the plunge Shallow. We appreciate the review.
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    if you are interested in them developing a treo 600 specific device, post/vote in this thread. they want to gauge interest before going ahead with it.
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    How do you convert MOV to kinoma player format?
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    you'd need to download the kinoma producer on their website. i tried the free trial version and works great.

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