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    Is anyone bothered that battery is not removable/replaceable? I don't think when it dies (say 2 years?) I'll still want the phone anyway, but I'm thinking what if you go away for 2 weeks, leave phone off, will battery run flat and you lose all your setup &/or data?????

    Orange shop (near me) in London still haven't got stock - promised arrival today (even this morning) - I only want to use them to try it for weight, but they *did* have a dummy which they said would be identical in size and weight and I must say it wasn't as big / heavy as I'd expected so I'm looking forward to it.

    Finally - don't know if anyone can help with this, but I want to Synch (when I get one) from both Home and Work - but I wouldn't necessarily want all my home/personal data to synch with my work setup. I haven't had a palm before - can you control it in this way ??

    Cheers !

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    The battery life is very good -I think it has the largest battery power of any moble on the UK market.

    You can backup files for free using BackupBuddyVFS (currently gives a few errors but works 99% or Filez.

    Other 3rd party programs have been reported to work 100%.

    Orange supply you with a wireless backup and restore program straight out of the box -it backups to one of their servers.

    You can sync whole applications seperately, but you might need a 3rd party app for more control and precise specification of individual record synching.

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