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    I encourage other people that have been reading the "rattle" post to please post that you have had a problem. Obviously not the "on/off" switch rattle. Those of you with the true "rattle" noise know who you are. I am curious to see how many users like myself have had this defect. For the past several days I have been watching this post and I know there are others like me who have been doing the same and have not posted. Speak out, handspring CSR reads this stuff too. Please include information from ##786
    Arrival Date: 10/17/03
    Warranty Date: 10/06/03
    Hardware Rev. B

    I have called the 877 number and used option 6, HS is sending me a replacement. Let your defect be known on this board.
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    The rattling is a definite thing with my Treo 600. It is NOT only the power button. There is something loose inside. I called Handspring this morning and they will be sending me a new phone. It should get here Wednesday.
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    Mine has something loose inside too -- and it's NOT the wireless radio on/off switch. Thanks Broras for posting which option to select when reporting this issue to H!
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    I only have the on/off rattle, but I hope all of you with the other kind of rattle that it turns out not to be a death rattle...Jay
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    Handspring was great with me on the phone. The rep told me it seemed that a small number of the phones were having this problem. They are shipping me a new phone. I am to put the rattle-treo in the return box. Handspring pays for all shipping.

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    Mine rattles.. it is not the power or ring/vib button.

    Warranty date: 09/22/03
    Hardware rev: B
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    My T600 has stated loose screw/rattling sound. Info from ##786:
    Warranty Date: 10-06-2003
    Arrival Date: 10-17-2003
    Software Rev: Treo600-1.0-SPR
    Hardware Rev: B
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    Mine is Rev. C. No noticeable rattle whatsoever. Very well built, IMO.
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    ...and you rattle my brains.

    Yeah, mine has it too. Not the power button issue. Just got off the phone with Handspring support. Excellent help from them. New unit is on the way.
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    mine has a powerbutton rattle as well...

    however, i called handspring and they are sending me a new device. after all, a $400 phone should not rattle.

    let me say that again, a $400 phone should not rattle.

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    I too have the rattle. Treo CS was very helpful and is sending a new phone which should arrive on Monday.
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    Mine too has the rattle. Sounds like a loose screw inside. Called last Saturday and a very helpful person told me I'd have my replacement Tuesday or Wednesday. Unfortunately when I called on Wednesday to follow up, a less-than-helpful person was quite vague about when it would be coming. Turned out the request wasn't processed until Monday morning. Now I'm stuck on the dreaded "Order Received" status.

    The phone still works, but the loose screw situation seems to sometimes affect the external speaker.
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    Interesting - I hear the rattle of the power - very light sound compared to another sound like a screw rattling around. ... hm-m-m ... definitely sounds like a manufacturing problem when I read about the other people with the same symptoms. ... I hope Handspring takes care of this for me.

    My 600 was shipped Oct 20.
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    they definetely will, I just got of the phone with the rep and as soon as I told him about the rattle he said that was a warrant-able defect and processed it roght away!
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    I have the same rattle problem and got a replacement straight away. Definitely a manufacturing fault and not the power button.. so insist that HS changed it for you
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    I would like to do an informal poll to see how much the power button being loose matters, and if it is wide spread. If you dont know what I am referring to, the wireless on off button seems to be a little loose and when you move the found around the metalic coating hits the walls of the housing and creates a tin rattling sound. Really seems like something that they should have caught in Beta testing. I know it might be trite and picky, but for $600 I expect that not to be an issue.
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    Just got mine yesterday, there is a rattle, but in order to hear it you have to shake the phone pretty violently. It is the power button. It's nothing that would ever bother me.
    HW rev C.
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    Ok I have the power button rattle too. I can't tell from reading the varied responses if this is a warrantable defect or not. Really, $599.99 for a rattlling power button? You ever hear a Mercedes rattle?
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    Ok...I received my Treo 600 fron Handspring on 10-16-03. It had the famous loose screw rattle noise. This is NOT the same noise as the power button. Do NOT call Sprint if you have this problem. You will talk in circles. You must call Handspring technical support and they will send you out a replacement. I just received my replacement 2 days ago and the phone has no loose screw rattle noise. The power button does make a slight noise when you shake the phone. The original phone i received was a Revision C. The replacement was the same. Judging by all the posts about this problem...its obvious Handspring had some issues and thats where this big shipping delay came from the last 2 weeks.

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