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    I wednt to maplin to get an adaptor for MP3s, but there wasn't a small neat one and there were lots of other electric components- so I decided to make my own headset.

    I wanted it to be just like the handsfree kit - but with two earpieces so I can listen to MP3s.

    I haven't mucked with electronics since school - but it seemed simple - just switch between earpiece 2 and the microphone.

    I bought a soldering iron and some bits.

    It was remarkably easy - the biggest surprise was that the handsfree microphone bit opens really easily.

    Picture attached. Handsfree works as normal until you flip the switch - when the right earpice is engaged.

    I'll post more detailed observations when I'm back if people are interested.

    Took about 2 hours and cost under gbp10 - including the new soldering iron.

    I also used a cheap headphone set, my handsfree and a pen.
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    Nicely done. I would be interested in seeing more.

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