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    any thoughts on protecting the t600 lens? it looks kinda vulnerable and scratch-prone.

    i was thinking i might stick a bandaid on there with the gauze part over the lens to keep it safe...but i'm really not sure.

    does anyone have any ideas?

    can any t600 users comment on whether they feel this is necessary or not?

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    A Band-Aid....LOL that would be "hip" dude...a few scratches on the outer plastic cover (the lens is underneath) shouldn't be a problem...the focus point is always beyond it anyways, so you wouldn't see any scratches on a picture (unless it was a MAJOR scratch)
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    my friends don't know what a "treo" is to begin with. if i want to talk about it i have to call it the "dorkphone"

    but seriously, i'm worried about scratches. what'm i supposed to do if it gets scratched? get a new treo? not use the camera?
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    Due to how the camera focuses, the "lens" you're talking about is not all that important and won't affect the picture unless it's a really big scratch.

    There may be a way to replace that outer lens if you send the Treo in for servicing, and if not, maybe it would qualify for replacement. But the best solution is to use a case that protects the lens.

    I'm hoping that my Handspring form-fitting case shows up in the mail today. If it does, I'll post a report on it this evening or over the weekend in the Accessories forum.
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    Here's what I did. Take a paper hole punch, make a hole in some sturdy paper. Trace from inside the punch onto a screen protector with a sharp pencil. Carefully cut it out, and stick it over your lens. A homemade writeright for your lens!

    I thought just using the paper hole punch on the screen protector would work, but it turns out to be too big.
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    Originally posted by wcarlson40
    ...A homemade writeright for your lens!
    what's a "writeright"?

    and then how would you secure it?

    tape? one piece? two pieces?
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    WriteRights are adhesive screen protectors, ie, a see-thru cover for your screen.

    wcarlson40, I wonder if that'll diminish picture quality.
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    Originally posted by neckface

    what's a "writeright"?

    and then how would you secure it?

    tape? one piece? two pieces?
    Sorry, WriteRight is just one particular brand of a PDA screen protector. You can buy them anywhere (bestbuy, circuite city, office max, walmart, etc). . They are self adhesive.
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    my bad, skimmed through the part where you specifically said "screen protector"

    thought of that too, but had the same concern that skfny did: image quality. any ideas?
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    I made it easy on myself....just got the form fitting case when I ordered my Treo600....Can use my Treo and still keep it protected..both front and back!!!

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    i never liked the functionality of any cases for my t300. and they all look like crap.

    after struggling for a while, i found a solution i'm really fond of:

    i have a plastic "button" (the kind that's on most detachable cases & slots into a clip that you wear on a belt) attached to my t300 w adhesive. i wear the t300 "naked" on my belt and was hoping to do the same w the t600. i think this solution will keep the lens safe, but i want some added insurance.

    there's gotta be a non-case solution
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    Originally posted by skfny

    wcarlson40, I wonder if that'll diminish picture quality.
    My picture quality seems about the same. I can't imagine it would diminish it more than scratches would.
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    Okay, Do NOT do what I suggested with the paper punch screen protector. While it works well, it's so tiny that it's hard to get it off.

    Me being the perfectionist that I am, I decided that I wanted to re-do my lens protector. In trying to get it off with a pointy object (no other way), I've now managed to scratch my lens!!

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    what pointy object did you use? usually i go for a toothpick. its soft enough that it doens't damage anything...
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    Originally posted by neckface
    what pointy object did you use? usually i go for a toothpick. its soft enough that it doens't damage anything...
    A very tiny knife. Call me dumb. I didn't think of the toothpick idea....
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    well, i'm sure you've got $4/mo insurance from sprint, right? thanks for taking one for the team.

    now at least we can find out if scratches show up on the pictures. what's the verdict?
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    Don't got any insurance . But my pictures still seem to be fine. The scratch runs across about the entire length of the lens, about a third of the way over. Anyways, I guess I'll just have to live with it.

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