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    The BLT communications which had a real-time link to the ingram inventory for the GSM T600 is not showing "We no longer carry this item, and it will be removed from our site tomorrow"

    Hope there's nothing more to it than that....
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    Go to and search on "Treo 600 gsm" and there are a number of sites that appear to link to Ingram's site(s) for ETA.

    Including the following:

    Still says 11-3-03, though...
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    OK so the BLT store availability went back to showing 11/3 instead of "we no longer carry this item"
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    BLT: 600 GSM is no longer listed at all if you search it. "Sprint only."

    By item number BC32287 it is listed. No change in the date.
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    Just send ShopBLT an e-mail concerning with this issue and this is the answer I got just few minutes later :

    Dear Marcos:
    You are correct your order is for the GSM/GPRS model, not the Sprint CDMA.
    Your product still has an ETA of 11/3. If you should have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

    Best Regards,
    Stephanie Layne

    Bottom Line Telecommunications
    I don't know how reliable is ETA 11/3 but, at least SHOPBLT people are showing a very proactive actitude, and as far I can see any future delay won't be caused by them

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