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    I found out that DateBk5 does not use the built in treo sounds when handling alarms. Is that the same for other users out there?

    Also, the 600 now has better handling of alarms. In the sound prefs you must select calendar application in the popup and then select Tones. You willl be able to state how many times to repeat the alarm and every how many minutes.
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    Last time I checked you can allow the Palm OS to handle the alarms (In options, uncheck 'allow DateBk5 to handle alarms') This means that the default handler will take care of them.

    If anyone knows how to bypass this in Agendus it would be greatly appreciated :-)
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    Thanks so much, I had the same question. I am trying out datebk5 for a trial period and it was so annoying to use their aalrms as the ones I have downloaded from sprint are much loader than the ones datebk5.1a uses.

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