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    Hey Guys,

    I have a few questions are there any email clients that will do push email for IMAP. Also what I want to be able to do is set a filter for which messages are pushed?

    Also can people tell me which mail clients support IMAP?

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    Push is near impossible Your options are a) A program that fetches new email on a schedule, or b) a program elsewhere that checks email and sends an SMS to your treo telling a program to download new mail.

    a) would be Versamail. There arn't very many IMAP clients that are worthwhile, really. But Versamail does it for me.

    b) would be Biz Connection or basejet, or treomail or whatever.

    Wish we had more options like Snappermail and the like, but they are all Pop3 only. I refuse to use an inferior protocol
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    Although I can't say how this is accomplished, the Chatter program (Do a search, it should be T600 compatible soon) actually accomplished this. A new message arrives in your INBOX, and it gets pushed to your handheld immediately.

    The Chatter program appears to be back in development after a long hiatus from Mark. It's a fantastic app that combines chat and messaging platforms. It's another app like DA that is a great fit for converged devices.

    Other than that, you best hope is SMS trigger. This is no where near true push, but works fairly well. I was hoping to implemetn the Good Server for myself, but they have a 5 mailbox minimum, which makes it almost $2,500.00 to bring to life.
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    I am using Sprint, so I don't know if this will work for you. I have Microsoft Outlook on my PC at work. I configured that so that it checks for new messages every minute. Then on my Business Connection software, I check off "Push e-mail". Now whenever my PC gets an e-mail (since it checks every minute, they're pretty current), it is "pushed" to my Treo. I found that by NOT having an SMS message telling me I have an email fixed my problem. When I used SMS to notify me of e-mails, as soon as I clicked on the SMS to see what it said, it no longer pushed the message. I would have to sync it to get the message. When I disabled SMS from notifying me, the push feature works great. My phone would sound an alert, I'd check it out, and my e-mail was there in its entirety. No syncing required. As I said, tho, there is that one-minute lag, but that's fine for me.
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    Chatter works really well for IMAP push. It takes a little while to configure. But it's worth the effort.

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    It's true. Chatter is the ONLY app for Treo that does TRUE push IMAP email. (Of course, there are things it doesn't do...)

    Chatter can asynchronously handle up to 8 simultaneous "online" (pushed) folders, SMTP outgoing mail, and IM.


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