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    I have just ordered the new Treo 600 through the upgrade offer from Handspring. I was planning on hooking up my old Treo 300 as a second phone for my wife so we could share the same phone plan.

    When I called Sprint, they told me adding her to my plan would mean I have to sign a new contract. That includes changing my plan. That includes paying more for my vision account ($15 instead of $10)

    Is this right?

    I am very happy with the plan I have and I use the heck outta my vision service. What is the difference between the new vision services for Treo 600 users?

    Is there a way I can keep my current plan and add an additional phone to it?
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    With number portability and the fierce discounts that are going to result between carriers, it's important that you as an existing SPrint customer call the retention department to negotiate the best deal. You really should be able to hold on to your current plan.

    Call retention.
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    I had a similar chat last week with them. You should be able to add your wife to your plan for $10 per month without changing plans. You will have to add a year to your contract however.
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    I tried calling Sprint also because I would like to do share a line, but I was given a special plan from the retention department and they tell me I would have to upgrade my plan, so instead of just doing add a line for $20 more a month, I'll end up having to pay almost double what I pay now
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    I'll call and ask for the customer retention department pronto.
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    My old contract (ending in a couple months) was 300 anytime minutes with unlimited nights (starting at 9pm) and weekends for $30. Vision service was an add'l $10 (and I added PCS to PCS for $5).

    When I asked them what deals they had for me signing a new 1 year contract, the rep (NOT Retention, just the regular rep) told me I'd get 5% off (making my total $43). Then she offered me a plan that added 100 anytime minutes for $7 more (total $50).

    I asked about the price of Vision going up to $15, and she said that anyone with the old $10 Vision plan was grandfathered and could keep the $10 Vision plan when changing plans.

    When I said I'd think about which one I wanted and would call back, she suddenly offered me a one time only deal: $40 for 750 anytime minutes, my choice of unlimited 9p N&W or 3000 8p N&W, and $10 Vision (total $50).

    So maybe it pays to be interested yet uncommitted. I definitely feel like I got a great deal on a new plan!


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