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    Well, I ordered Tuesday, and I'm set to receive my $399 upgrade unit from Handspring today. Exciting! (This is the unit that you get at that price from Handsprint with the help of your old Treo serial number, and you're not required to sign a contract throught Handspring.)

    My dillemna is my activation with Sprint. I'm currently with TMobile with my T180, and my contemplation of a switch to Sprint was with the assumption that I'd get a nice new-customer signup credit with Sprint, but now I'm not so sure. I saw a mention in on of the posts on this board that the upgrade units couldn't get signup credits with sprint. True? Ack, I'd HATE to send this back, but I've set a limit for myself. Plead help!? Thanks...
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    Ok, following up my own post here, but I just got off the phone with Sprint, and there response was there there will be NO signup bonus on this phone.

    Well, this is quite a drag. I'd assumed that since this comes from handspring without a contract, that I would have a signup bonus (new customer, for crying out loud) that would get my costs down to the $250 range.

    What a drag. I don't even know if I'll take it out of the box now.

    Can anyone give me some advise on this?
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    For Sprint specific questions I always goto the following message board:

    There are actual Customer Service Reps on that board and post regularly. Hope this helps.
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