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    Has anyone looked at these two phones for side by side comparision ???

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    Haven't looked at them side-by-side, but the 500 is a Palm OS 4.1 device. There's a big difference b/t 4.1 and 5.x -- namely, 4.1 devices are much slower and can address much less memory and run much less advanced software. A browser such as Blazer 3 or the browser used on newer Sony Clies' is not able to run on the 500, for examples.

    This aside, the 500 is a nice device as far as the form factor. I don't like the lack of a keyboard and the need for a stylus that I saw in the applications. They didn't rewrite much and everything needs graffitti as input method.

    A more valid comparison is with the SGH-i505, Palm OS 5 refresh of the phone, which was just displayed last week at ITU Telecom 2003.

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    I use the "phone" first and PDA, web features second....the I505 "looks" more like a phone first, whereas the Treo 600 "seems" for my uses a PDA/web features first and a phone "second"

    thoughts ??
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    the SPH i500 is a good comparison because it exists, the i505 or sgh i500 wont' be out till late spring earliest,

    try pdaphonehome for info on the i500

    comes down to

    phone first/ size - i500
    pda first/ bells/whistles treo 600

    good luck
    Hmm, Possible Treo Convert?
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    Originally posted by jnussb9328
    Has anyone looked at these two phones for side by side comparision ???

    Search for davsug's thread, "Topic: My personal T600/i500 Comparison"
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    I have used both extensively; returned my i500 b/c I much prefer the Treo 600, but that might be mostly personal preference. The big difference in my mind is keyboard-or-no-keyboard. From that perspective, the Treo 600 wins, hands-down. If my wife were making the decision for herself however, she's probably choose the no-keyboard version.

    I use the Treo 600 for email. In my experience about 95% of what I'm doing is just read->delete, read->delete, etc. -- but the 5% of the time when I want to reply, the keyboard is invaluable.

    Palm OS 5 in the Treo 600 is really nice too.
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    I've owned both of these phones, and there's niggles about both that are annoying, but the I500 seems to have more basic usability flaws...

    - No external caller ID. How many flips don't have this anymore?
    - Buttons are *way* too easy to push in. They're located right about where you grab the phone, and it's easy to open it up to answer a call and end up in "Categories" in the Palm launcher. Bleck.
    - Stylus is on the wrong makes it annoying as heck for those of us used to it being on the right side of the device.

    There's more, but simple functionality issues like that are what drove me crazy, not the lack of Palm OS 5 or anything to that degree. It's a great little device, and it's definitely phone-sized, but there's too many usability faults that made me send it back.

    That's not to say the Treo is perfect. The one I had wouldn't pick up more than 1-in-4 incoming calls, while the I500 never had an issue. I'm chalking that up to a faulty Treo, though, and hoping my next one will do better than that. But still, it's annoying. Also, the Treo's a bit bigger, heavier, and the screen gets so gunked up in my pocket, it's ridiculous. But it does have a little more "oooohhh" factor to it, I suppose.

    Side by side, the Treo also has better handheld-based stats, but if you're a phone guy first (like me), than you should be concerned with usability first, PDA-function second. In that case, the I500 just stumbled a bit more than I could take...
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    Hey y'all...
    I currently own both an i500 and a Treo600. I got the i500 at BestBuy about a week ago, and received the Treo from Handspring two days ago. Gotta say I'm torn, and I have to decide before my 30 day return period runs out!!! Right now, I really feel the most comfortable with the i500. The stylus input is more natural for me, and theres no denying that its much smaller and much lighter. And the screens are always protected.
    The Treo does seem to run everything a bit quicker though, as it should, but for me it just requires more effort. Even with the keyboard, I have to pull out the stylus all the time, but that may must be due to a couple of programs I use for work all the time aren't really five-way compatible.
    What really keeps me wanting to want the Treo more (if that makes sense) is the memory expansion, and mp3 ability. Of course, ALL my CDs are in wma format which does me no good.
    Anyway, long winded, but thats where I'm at. I'd appreciate any suggestions from anybody to lean me either way.
    The Treo is what I have activated right now, so I'm forcing myself to use it only for a couple of weeks, but its going to be a hard sell!
    Let me know if I left out any good details!

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