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    I registered with handspring and they say it will take 48 hours and they will send u a link to pocket tunes, well the good news is it took about 4 hours the bad news is the link doesn't work, it keeps say try back later. so fa that has been for 18 hrs.

    take care, jay
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    Hi all, apparently if your link that they send you is not all highlighted you have to cut and paste the entire link and paste it to the top od a page on yoru browswer, it worked great, take care, jay
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    You may have to click on the link from the computer that you registered it on. I had forwarded the link to my office since that was where my synch cord was and I had the same problem you did. When I got home and tried it again from house where (where I had registered it from) no problem clicking on the link. I just emailed the program to work after that and then synched it there.
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