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    When I got up this morning and checked the HS site, I was very pleased to see my order status changed to shipped. But I have not received an email and there is no tracking information. Yes I clicked on the detail button and my order is there but no tracking tab or number to be found. Anyone else have this? Will they simply update it a bit later - I hope?

    Now I am just hoping that even with no tracking information, it got shipped last night and since I opted for the express service, it will be on a fed ex truck heading to my house today!
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    Uggggghhhhhh!!!!! I was hoping for the same! Mine still says "Awaiting Shipment". I, being the eternal optimist am hoping that it somehow made it on the truck yesterday and they haven't yet updated the web site....
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    Still just shipped and no tracking no. Called HS - only 1 minute wait. The CSR looked it up, said shipped yesterday and gave me the tracking no. YEAH!

    Checked FedEx site, and it says delivery today by 3pm - again YEAH!

    So far, though, at 8:40 am. last status was Left Memphis. Usually by this time of day it would say that it is at my local FedEx or on the truck. Keeping my fingers crossed that it shows up today or it will be a long weekend!!

    Apparently the CSR's system has better information than the web site.

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