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    is the overnight worth it?
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    Yes, some users are enjoying the service.
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    Yes. Mine shipped yesterday and I won't see it until next Tuesday. I wish I had not been so cheap on the shipping.
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    I placed my order on on Friday (10/10 -- my birthday!), and it said it wouldn't ship for a week. I used the Saver shipping and had it in my hot little hand yesterday (Thurs, 10/16).

    I'm in San Francisco and it shipped from Utah.
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    what, you nuts???
    how much are you spending on a new toy, and you want to know if a difference of what, $10, is worth it??? Are you a real geek like the rest of us, or are you a spy?
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    It's been a week today I've had mine....

    When I first ordered it from HS(10/9/03) only took them a couple of hours to approve the CC and place my order in "Awaiting shipping" status. I had it Fedex'd next day. I wanted my phone as fast as they wanted my money. It arrived 10/10/03 at 2:35pm....never forget that moment.....finest female Fedex delivery woman I have ever seen!!!! LOL


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