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    I have had almost every phone from cingular and sprint, switching to sprint was the best move EVER. The best phone was my sanyo 5300 and 8100. Im in southern california and want to know if anyone who went from sayno to treo600 could describe reception/sound qualtiy/phone performance between the two

    since they are both from sprint and in the socal area ( the strongest) your observations would be really helpful. I will post my own notes as soon as my 600 gets to my door.
    -thanx again
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    I had a Sanyo 4900 - best phone ever with superb reception. I can tell you after using the Treo for 5 days, the reception is considerably worse.
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    Originally posted by tcjohnsson
    I had a Sanyo 4900 - best phone ever with superb reception. I can tell you after using the Treo for 5 days, the reception is considerably worse.
    that is the Treo's reception is worse. Boy, it's late.
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    I went from a Sanyo 5300 (now the wife's) to a Treo 600. The Sanyo had the best reception of any phone I have had. So far I haven't seen where the 5300 has far superior or even superior reception over the 600. I probably won't know for sure though till I take a trip, but I have not had any coverage issues with the 600 since using it in Northern Virginia.
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    I sit at my desk with 2 phones; my Sanyo 8100 and my T300. Both have no bars, yet I can receive and make calls with my Sanyo fairly easily, the Treo -- forget it. I have to take the T300 to the window and even then it is horrible.

    I am hoping the T600 will be better than the 300, and at least close to the Sanyo 8100.

    By the way, for those thinking about a smaller "weekend" or second phone, the 8100 rocks. And the pictures are damn good.
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    I live in So. California. Orange County to be exact. I never had the Sanyo, and I haven't upgraded to the Treo 600 yet. But I do have the Treo 300.

    I have NEVER had problems with reception here. When I was working as an outside salesman, I traveled all the way south to the Orange County line in San Clemente and all the way north to Palmdale, Lancaster, and Santa Clarita. Obviously as a salesman, I used my phone a lot. Out of approx 8 months of heavy use, I had less than 5 dropped calls, which I think is outstanding!

    In terms of coverage,the only dead spots I have found with Sprint are as follows:

    A gated community that was right against the mountains in Anaheim Hills. Sporadic service. If you stand still, you could make a call, but it will drop if you are driving.

    Coto de Caza. The area furthest east of this community. Sporadic Service. Very difficult to find coverage here, but it can be done. I think this has more to do with the exclusive neighborhood not wanting cell towers around.

    Lake Elizabeth: This is a remote area in a canyon between the 5 freeway and Palmdale, about 20 miles North of highway 18. It is desolate, and I would not expect any carrier to have service here.

    Indoor service is good. You will lose it in commercial high rise properties.

    Call quality. The only problem here is the dreaded echo you will get when using the speakerphone. The echo is mostly on your end, the other party rarely hears anything out of the ordinary. In fact, they usually cannot tell that they are on speakerphone!.

    I know this isn't the direct comparison you were looking for, but I think you will find it informative. The bottom line is you should not have any reservations about the Treo line and call reception/quality in the Southern California area. Give or take a little, it is among the best cell phone experiences you can buy.

    Oh, and I had Cingular before Sprint, too. Don't get me started on that piece of garbage...
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    I live in New Orleans, so don't know if this will help. Have had a 5300 for 1 year, a treo 600 for 2 days. Both great phone reception. No problems with dropped calls, but some on my sanyo did end up straight to voicemail. Too early to tell about the treo, but great so far. PCS vision is far superior on the treo. I mean, like wow factor for speed. The sanyo took forever, like that dial up commercial where the guy bakes a cake. BTW, posting this on my treo on the ride to work. Good luck!
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    I have owned (in the following order) the Sanyo SCP-4900, 8100, 5300, Treo 300, and now have the 600.
    I must say the Sanyo 8100 was my favorite "phone" of the group. Better pic quality than the 5300, and far better software onboard. If anything though, I think all the Sanyos over-estimate signal strength. They always fluctated rapidly in any given location. While they would show 4 bars of strength in my home, and my T300 and 600 usually show 2 (sometimes 3 of 4 bars), and the Treo stays pretty constant in it's estimate. The Sanyos mercurial strength indication led me to never really trust what it was showing. So those that just compare the indicator bars between the Treo and Sanyo aren't really giving a good indication. You really just have to determine in practice which one performs better. Of course, "no signal" is no signal. Overall I feel the the Sanyos had better performance, and could lock on to the signal better than the Treo. But in certain situations, it has been reversed! My Treo has maintained a signal in places where my Sanyo phones did not. In practice, it was like the Treo "underestimated" signal strength, and seemed to stay locked on a cell signal, even if it maintained only a bar of strength.

    Hope this helps,
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    Good point, Ido.

    There have been many times on my Treo where I have NO bars of service, and I can still reliably make and receive calls, and use data. Only when it actually says NO SERVICE are you SOL.

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