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    Just wondering what came with your treo600

    I am about to buy one thanx
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    Phone, slip cover, USB cable, power adapter (AC), ear bud, CD, manual, and a bunch of geeky goodness.
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    Why doesn't it come with a cradle

    I read that it wasn't ready yet

    but wouldn't you think they would have a cradle ready for relase time?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $it$ $was$ $the$ $same$ $when$ $the$ $Treo$ $180$ $was$ $released$.

    I would rather get my Treo 700 sooner than wait for a few extra days for them to sort out a cradle!

    They should also leave out the case too, though looking at the one they supplied they might have only spent one-man day or two on it!
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    I've put up some photos here.
    another happy treo <b>600</b> user.

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