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    I activated my 600 at about 5:00 today, and it still hasn't provisioned voice or data at 10pm local time here.

    Has anyone had a successful provision today/tonight/this afternoon?

    I guess if it's not active by tomorrow a.m. I'll give SPCS a call...
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    Have not provisioned data since 10/15 (Wednesday). See the thread below:
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    I saw that thread. I can't even provision voice yet, though.
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    My phone hooked up Sprint Provisioning like 10 minutes after I hung up with (*2) a Sprint CS to activate my phone. I thought that it couldn't be right as they always say "wait 2 hours" before you use your phone, so I shut off the wireless mode. 20 Minutes later, I got a message on the phone asking me to let it set up Provisioning this time, I let it go and try to do its thing. BOOM, was able to connect just fine and set everything up, including PCSVision access! I have done this so many times with all the phones I have owned with Sprint, and have never had to wait more than an hour to fully use a newly activated phone. I am pleased with the process!
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    Originally posted by lfnusa
    Have not provisioned data since 10/15 (Wednesday). See the thread below:
    I haven't been able to provision since 10/10...
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    I called at 10pm last night and it provisioned in 30 minutes. Just an FYI

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    I don't know about all of you but I got some serious run-arounds by the CSR's at Sprint. I was told the "Network was down" and after two days passed with no provisioned phone I brought it into my local Sprint store and they got it up and running in minutes. The best part was the look on the employees face when she saw my phone, she was more excited about the whole thing than I was.

    So bring 'em into the stores.
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    One thing I noticed on the first T600 I had activated was the even though I entered my info in the setup screen (phone # and MSID). The MSID didn't take and after two hours I called back, we did the same thing and this time it worked.. something to consider.


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