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    I don't know about you - but every time it finishes checking e-mail and pulling down files, it freezes up and the only way to get out of it is to click out of Eudora and click back in the read your mail.

    Is this happening to anybody else?

    I am thinking of ditching Eudora for Snapper Mail because of this and sucking up to pay for the license.

    What say you?
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    Please do a search. This exact topic is already being dicussed in another thread.

    The first 3 posts I've seen tonight are all repeat questions that have already been answered. Just do a search before posting a duplicate questions and starting a whole new thread

    It'll make it easier for everyone to keep up with what's current.
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    Hmm, I did a search and can't find much on this eudora prob... I mean, it works, but what's the prob? Any fixes? Also, is there a way to change the "Sprint" that displays in the default phone view at the top of the screen? I'd love it to show my nick or something instead.

    Rey :)
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    After I check my Eudora mail the screen appears to have locked up. But I found that simply tapping in the white/blank space that the message/messages show up fine.
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    There's a bug in Eudora when running on the T600. Last week I lied and said in an earlier thread I didn't have this problem, not realizing that I actually did.

    Eudora isn't freezing. It just doesn't display your inbox headers after you pull your messages. After checking your messages you have to select another folder, then go back to your inbox; then you'll see the headers.

    I running a trial a SnapperMail right now, and I'll probably register it just in case I need to send and receive attachments. But I seem to be one of the few people out there who prefers the Zen O' Palm cleanliness of Eudora's interface, so I'll live with the bug and use it as my primary mail client.
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    It's fine, the info is even there, you just can't see it, it's not being refreashed. If you drag your finger over the blank area, you will see the emails pop up.

    The work around I use is, after the mail is checked, tap the "out" box, then back to the "in" and viloa...your in the zone.

    Hope this helps, Matt

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