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    Could someone clue me in on how to take my CD music, most of which is already copied into the library in Windows Media Player, and put it into MP3? Can't seem to figure it out and I usually am pretty intuitive with this stuff. Thanks!!
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    Download musicmatch, free version. Put in your CD. Make sure it's not playing. In the CD Record menu item, set up your directory, bit speed, etc. Then, you can record CDs to MP3s by selecting the record button on the panel.

    Good luck!
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    I'll look for musicmatch and give it a try. thanks Matt!
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    Lots of options. I used Advanced WMA Workshop, trial version. On a fast computer, it takes about 15 seconds per song, on average.
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    NO STOP!

    download iTunes! Apple just release Windows version today MUCH BETTER
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    Thanks for the iTunes info Imageone, But you need Windows 2000 or XP. I'm running WindowsMe. Guess I'll have to try something else.
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    GREAT!! Now my integrated sound card on my laptop just went kablooie!! Guess I'll have to try the MP3 thing on the home machine. Damn! My laptop warranty JUST expired and they won't let me extend the warranty because the manufacturer one is expired already. Stupid Compaq! My fault for not extending last month for the measly $99 for two years!!!

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