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    (posted via the Treo as I now sit watching the Yanks/Red Sox game)
    Just thought I'd post a little love fest here, as a reminder of why this thing is so awesome. I've had a 300 for the last yr, and got my 600 yesterday.
    so tonight I needed to hang out in my 4 yr old daughter's room, since she's having a hard time going to sleep. I need to hang in there until she falls asleep. Wasted time, you ask? No - not with the 600. Here's what I did:
    - read my ebook while
    - listening to Santana via headphones while
    - also checking the ALCS score, via pitch by pitch on the Mobile ESPN site while
    - IMing with friends via Verichat
    - and also checking TreoCentral faithfully (I actually wirelessly downloaded some of those logos and such for wallpaper)

    I did ALL that while still lounging in my daughter's room & making her feel OK about going to sleep.

    No need for Wi-Fi - no routers, no laptop, no access point, no Centrino - just my Treo and some time made immeasurably more productive.

    THAT to me is what the Treo is all about. Just had to post this.
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    Good post! Not just the T600 in general, but it's amazing the power you have with PDA/Cell combos. This past month my wife and I had our first child. We had family and friends that couldn't make it...solution was simple. I pulled out my SE p800...took pictures, then used an FTP program to send the pics to a website I created. After he was born, people were able to view him 4 mins later...amazing stuff. This is the future. Loved my p800 to death, but I've been a big fan of Palm so I snagged a Treo 600 today. Not sure which on I like better, I've had the T600 for about 8 hours and I have yet to be able to use the phone much less access the net...big bummer. I keep getting the runaround from Sprint that it will activate after 1, 2, 3, up to 6 hours...blah blah. Oh well, enjoy the 600!
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    i couldnt agree more. first of all.. hope your little one did eventually fall to sleep for ya, even still, no better way to watch a great game than with your little ones....

    so many ways the treo 600 can make your life more enjoyable and/or more productive.

    1) check web - cnn news while stuck at a traffic light. (being careful not to get carried away....

    2) IM during a game like this... bc talking on phone could make you miss a big play..

    3) keeping your mind stimulated during potentially long periods of nonproductivity. ie.. waiting in line.. etc

    4)check stocks, weather radar, email, pics of your little daughter falling asleep as she counts her first few sheep over the fence...

    5) wireless downloads of the latest and greatest while enduring painful commercials

    6) directory assistant via avantgo, or google... avoid 411 calls,,, let the treo 600 show you the way!!!

    7) watching a late playoff game.. worth a few extra hours of your time.... catching some buddies online via verichat.... well worth what it takes sharing emotions about the game your watching....
    snapping a pic of your little girl as she falls asleep in your arms.... man... now thats priceless...

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    don't forget my favorite use, being able to check exact traffic conditions on the fly! The traffic advisory network rules.
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    Send your post just as it is written and I'll bet they will use it in one of their future newsletters sent out via e-mail.

    Here's an idea I have in mind when I am at the end of my next hot date ... The camera could come in real handy for some revealing exposures during moments of spontaneous ecstacy. You know, the old line, "Hang on a minute honey while I check my voicemail for an important message from my boss." Click-Click as she is shedding her bra!

    I guess the lighting would have to be real good though with that awful camera on the Treo 600 huh?

    Think First, ask questions later!
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    posting from my Treo 600!
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    My buddy said I should be a playa now. I can snap pics of the ladies, and enter in they key info I just learned, along with their number.

    So before I call them back, I remember what they look like, info about them, so they'll think I was REALLY listening

    Great way to bring organization to the playing field. :P
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    Originally posted by AngryCPA
    don't forget my favorite use, being able to check exact traffic conditions on the fly! The traffic advisory network rules.
    What site do you use for this? I haven't found a good one.
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    I live in orange county, CA and I use:

    I actually used a shortcut key and mapped it to my Y key for instant access. Once the page comes up and is done loading, click menu - W to switch from optimized view to wide view and you will be able to check out the conditions on the so cal freeways within the last 5-10 minutes. I hope this service is available in your area, it is extremely helpful to me (one of the main reasons I purchased a treo)
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    Hi AngryCPA...very cool link!

    How do I find the Treo 600 link for my areas:

    NY - Long Island
    NY - Manhattan

    I see that TANN has these 2 maps, but I couldn't figure what link brings them up on the Treo 600...THANKS!

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