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    "In my experience" sometime you get a bad battery. My latest Treo (until T-Mobile releases the 600), the 270, had horrible battery life until I swapped it out for a new one. Low an behold it now last plenty long for me. About three times longer than the first "new" unit. Keep in mind that all defect are not pass or fail, work of not work. Some are slight and variable. If you are not getting the battery life that you think you should get exchange the unit. If that doesn't work, maybe you are talking on the phone to much
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    Originally posted by wireless-doc
    Regarding the camera, if you can understand its limitations you can produce some acceptable photos. I posted a link under a thread I titled "Treo 600 photos" but now I realize some might think that it is just more pix OF the Treo 600 instead of pix taken WITH the camera.

    People shouldn't give up on this camera too easily without giving it a chance. And considering this is a converged pda/phone its quite a feature.

    I don't believe those photos were made with a Treo 600.
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    Originally posted by The Chupacabra
    I don't believe those photos were made with a Treo 600.
    Oh yeah? Well, I don't believe you exist! ...Wait, that means I believe I'm replying to my own imagination. Dang.

    Stay away from my goats!
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    Originally posted by snerdy

    Oh yeah? Well, I don't believe you exist! ...Wait, that means I believe I'm replying to my own imagination. Dang.

    Stay away from my goats!

    The Chupacabra will find you tonight seņor.
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    I went through the same thing but if you give this phone a chance you will truely love it. just do a search on love and see how many post you get. its all about buy offs for some its too small for other too big. bottom line we can adjust and when you stack the good vs bad you Will regrete your choice.
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    With 428 posts, I doubt the Dr. is a PRPRPR $plant$.

    That said, I really don't get the whole - low-res screen gripe. You realize how many units Palm sold with the low res screen. Heck - how many they sold that were monochrome. The magic isn't in the screen - it's the OS baby.

    Look at the 300 - they were still selling those a couple months ago - and that baby is still OS 4 AND a low res screen.

    I realize it doesn't make sense to ship the low res screen - can't be more than a $50 upgrade - but the fact that it isn't high-res can't be THAT much of a deal killer. Certainly better than anything else that is out there - feature for feature.
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    I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect device. I just got my 600 today. I was using a tmo sidekick. I liked the device, but it fell short for what I need. Now I do miss my sidekick keyboard and screen, but I needed a better phone and better PIM.

    It all depends on what you need. There is always some feature on another device that is better. It all depends on what is more important to you.

    For me it's the treo 600.
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    I got my Cingular GSM Treo 600 yesterday. I'm fairly disappointed in it, but I won't be sending it back since I need it for development.

    The screen is terrible. It really is. It is partly the low resolution, but the obvious pixel grid of the screen is unbelievably annoying. It reminds me of the m130 screen.. was that a piece of crap or what. Hmm, weren't they about the same size. Coincidence?

    The keyboard size is only slightly bothersome. I'm getting used to it and it doesn't slow me down too much over the Treo 300. I do have some problems with the d-pad location in relation to the rest of the keys. It seems that I'm hopping around much more than on my older Treo, almost the same feeling of using the mouse in combo with a keyboard. The d-pad is way "up there", versus the older pgup/pgdn.

    The audio is great! Though the pockettunes playback is a bit flat compared to my hardware MP3 players, though that is not fair since it was using an awesome Micronas chip with proprietary bass features. Looking forward to trying some talk radio, though I think I need to pay $9 somewhere to allow shoutcast streams.

    Reception isn't as good as my Nokia 3650. That makes me sad. I was kinda counting on that working better for me, so now I have to switch carriers. The good news is that when I do a network search I get very strong AT&T and Cingular at my location. The bad news is that they don't have a roaming agreement here with T-Mobile so I'll need to do the number portability thing next week.

    The data speed seems plenty fast. Blazer however, is slow as molasses. Really slow. What the heck is it doing? I also get some interference patterns on the screen in Blazer sometimes due to the radio. I look at my Nokia 3650 with Doris Browser and it's like lightning compared to it. I wish they would write a browser for the 600.

    Overall, I'm finding it a disappointment speedwise. I often see 1-2 second delays when hitting the home button. Sometimes it is fast, and sometimes it has an inexplicable delay. As well the fact that it always starts in the upper-left and forgets your current icon position, makes app navigation pretty slow. Needs the switcheroo/keycapshack functionality to get back some efficiency.

    I haven't evaluated battery life yet, as I'm hotsyncing so much that I've not had an opportunity to let it draw much battery power. I will say that it's not looking so hot. I can say that it is evident that it has a radio issue in low signal areas, and returning into a service area seems to require that I either stand there for 5 minutes or turn off/on the radio before it gets a signal. This seems to be causing quite the drain on the battery since this morning as I have barely used it and it is at 3.97V.

    Well, what to do. I'm currently porting several programs to work properly on it, and maybe that will ease my frustrations. I know when I first picked up my Nokia it felt like I'd never figure it out, so I have to give the Treo 600 the same curtesy.
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    Potatoho, if you decide to return the T600, you can always use the simulator for your development efforts. Not trying to talk you out of anything but I felt it's worth mentioning.
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    Originally posted by derek985
    Potatoho, if you decide to return the T600, you can always use the simulator for your development efforts. Not trying to talk you out of anything but I felt it's worth mentioning.
    Yes I agree. I have a couple of issues to fix with the radio and ringtones which require a physical device, so I'll get those out of the way first. My problem is that I recently got a Nokia 3650 (wish it was a 3600 or 3620) as a $99 giveaway, solely to test my t-mobile reception here. But instead, I have found that Symbian is darn cool to program, and I keep finding new stuff to play with; i.e. games, voice recognition, and bluetooth.

    The Nokia is actually quite a creaking piece of crap compared to the Treo 600, but that sort of gives it a unique charm in that I throw it around a lot and don't care. The higher resolution makes a difference, and the integrated Java is oh so awesome for games. It is only 4096 colors as well, but somehow they must be using a hardware trick because the images look darn near 65K. You can tell there is extra dithering to make pictures look better, but I don't know if it is done with hardware or software. I wouldn't mention it, except that it makes JPEGs and movies look way better than on the Treos. I wonder if I could take a picture of a side by side. It's freaky.

    The Nokia needs some work to bring it up to speed. Email is very poor compared to the PalmOS, and the memory management when you use a browser makes the system implode if you run multiple tasks. Hopefully the next release of Doris Browser will use less memory. I found without using a browser I could do a bunch of other tasks simultaneous without any memory issues. I'm going to add some more global hotkeys, and use Nokia's voice recognition example app to add some navigation. But first I'd have to write a minimal email application. Ugh, maybe I should just keep the 600
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