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    My 600 arrived today (yay!), but I haven't even activated it yet, because I think it's already messed up (boo!). The ringer on/off switch at the top is nearly impossible to slide back and forth. I have to dig my fingernail into the edge and use a lot of force to get it to move.

    I thought maybe I could loosen it by sliding it back and forth a few times, but all I did was split my nail and mess up my manicure!

    Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas for fixing it, or do I have to mail it back and wait for a new one? Do any of the Sprint stores have the 600 yet (I'm in SF), so I can just exchange it?

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    You know I've noticed that the ringer switch was a little tight on mine as well. I think they may have done this on purpose. On my old Treo 300 I was able to easily shift it over with my finger, but on the new 600 I actually have to use my nails as well. Fortunately, I'm a man with short nails. Hmmm....I wonder if they had females for testers when they developed these phones. Especially pretty ladies with long french manicures. hehe

    My suggestion is to hold the Treo vertically towards you so you are looking directly at the top end with the antenna facing down. Then with the side of your fingernail slide it back and forth. This was the easiest for me.

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    Well, Handspring tells me that it's designed to be tight, and that it will loosen up after a few months (!).

    I literally cannot move the switch with the pad of my finger/thumb -- only by digging my nail into the edge. My nails are now all cracked from trying to loosen it up.

    Is anyone else able to move the ringer switch with the pad of the finger, rather than the fingernail?

    I want to love my new Treo, but the need to break my nails for the next two months seems like a defect, not a positive design benefit, as they claim.

    On a humorous note, I noticed that all the right sidebar Google ads on this thread are for manicures and nail products.

    Going to load up on calcium,
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    On the Treo 300 I sometimes noticed that when I pulled my phone out of my pocket the ringer switch had slid over somehow. Apparently this happened to others, and they made it a little harder to move that switch/slide.

    The stylus is also less eager to come out.
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    Mine too is really tight. I like it this way as I don't need to worry it will accidentally get bumped.
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    Yeah, I just decided to deal with it, since it actually seems to be designed that way. I can just use the top of the stylus to slide the switch and spare the manicure. The 300 ringer switch NEVER got jostled in my purse -- chicks don't carry EXTRA bulk in their pockets. And I wouldn't be caught dead with a belt clip!

    On the other hand, nails make it easier to type on the thumbpad and avoid the stylus.

    Back to lovin' my 600,

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