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    Dear kid 600,

    If you are using Snappermail, make sure that it is downloading the enitire .mid file and not just a portion of it. After that, just click on the file in the email, and I select "Play as Sound", which opens it in the Midi RingTones Manager.


    I hope that this helps.

    Dave Lindberg
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    Another alternative to downloading midi files to your Treo 600 is to put the ir port next to your computer ir port. You should get a message that their is a computer nearby and you can then send any files from your computer to the treo. If you send a mid file then it will install itself automatically.

    I do have a question. I got the new TCringer v1.08 that now works with the Treo 600 (I emailed Treocental and they emailed it to me). There are two database for ringers in the Treo 600, Internal and System MIDI songs. I cannot move or copy from the Internal database and some programs use one or the other. Does anybody know how these work and how I can get the sounds from internal to system midi songs ?

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    mtang ..
    the best software i surveyed so far to do this is to use iRING ..
    works best to transfer

    the only hope for me is someone will create a software that will browse thru SD folder full of mids and export them directly to theese database ..

    i would love that
    would pay for that even ..
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