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    Originally posted by quistk99
    Wait, I'm sure there are plenty of other cities with better Sprint coverage. Maybe I can find a new job, sell my house and convince my wife and child to move to a more Treo friendly city.
    Why not just wait for a gsm version of the Treo 600 that is compatible with the ATT service you're already happy with?

    Makes sense to me!
    No good deed goes unpunished
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    Be aware when you cancel a contract with Sprint during 14 dat trial period they charged me 300 dollars by mistake to drop a 10 day old second line plus shut off service on the first line they will make mistskes and they could care less
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    I have to agree about the Tidewater, VA coverage by Sprint-it is haphazard at best. I have had Sprint for 5+ years, and coverage around NAS Oceana and NAS Norfolk can be spotty-You can go from 4 bars to none in 2 seconds. You are guaranteed to drop calls on certain roads, and Sprint knows about it, but until they can put towers on Federal land, it won't change. This is but one of the problems with having the world's largest master jet base in the middle of a metropolitan area...But compare service to service, and there is NO more affordable option that includes the ability to access email and web. Believe me, I have looked!
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