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    I just got my Treo 600 upgrade from my 300 yesterday via FedEx from Handspring. From first look, it was a lot more pleasing to the eyes. It was still a little bigger than I anticipated. We always want more, don't we?

    I called Sprint to activate the phone. From the instructions from Handspring via email, they told me to shut my old 300 down. I was able to talk to a Sprint CSR within a couple of minutes. He walked me through activation of the phone, and it took about 3-5 minutes. At the end of the call, I can see I've already gotten a signal from Sprint. As soon as I hung up, the Treo 600 asked me if I wanted to update my Vision service. I hit OK, and a couple of minutes later my new Treo 600 was ready to go!

    Now I was expecting more problems to transfer all my apps/files from my 300 to my 600. Boy was I wrong. The process was simple. I took the new Palm Sync CD out, and installed the software on my laptop. It detected that I had an older version, and put the incompatible software on my desktop in a folder. Most of the applications carried over with no problems. I had to reinstall Avantgo, and AIM for Palm. Some of the webclipping apps didn't work, but I didn't really use them anymore. All my contacts, calendar, and memos all carried over. The surprising part is even my call log history was carried over! This is great.

    I reinstalled PDANet for my laptop, so I can use the Treo 600 as a wireless modem. That worked great. I plan on buying it after my trial period expires. My Eudora still works, so I can check my pop emails. I didn't purchase SnapperMail, because I didn't feel a need to check my email all the time. SnapperMail is great if you want to read attachments. My AOL IM worked, so I was able to chat with my friend on the new 600 just like I did with 300. I ordered a USB charging cable from boxwave as well, so I'll be able to use that to charge the phone while connected to the laptop.

    I then registered on Handspring's site, and you get a free gift for registering your Treo 600. I chose the PocketTunes software. With the new SD slot in the 600, the possibility is limitless...Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. I'll have to go get a SD Card to store all my mp3s so I can play them via PocketTunes.

    I encountered more new features that's built-in to the Treo 600. Apparently, you can download any midi files and save them to be used as your ringer. I went to a few sites, and downloaded the midi, and off I went with midi assigned to specific callers. This is great. I used Ringo or some other Treo ringer software before, but this built-in midi support will be all I need. I don't really need group support for ringers.

    Another new thing is the camera. I have to admit I'm not too impress with it. The pictures are not of high quality, but what can you expect from a camera phone? a 4 MegaPixel picture? It will suffice to take a picture of someone's license plate, or maybe a photo of a document. I think the intent is not to produce high quality photos, but to provide you of the convenience of the capability. Another neat thing is the wallpaper. You can now use the photos that you take with the Treo 600 or a picture you download from the web to be used as your wallpaper on the Phone Dialer screen. I now have a pic of my daughter on my wallpaper. Very cool!

    I'll start looking at accessories soon. Like most people on the board, I'd like to have a stereo headset that I can use to answer calls and listen to mp3s with on single unit. There's no perfect solution out yet, but I'm sure it's in the near future.

    Overall, the Treo 600 is great if you want a PDA phone running PalmOS. I heard Microsoft will be releasing some newer PocketPC phones. I was never a fan of Microsoft, and their ActiveSync software didn't impress me in the past. If you have a Treo 300, and love it DO NOT hesitate to upgrade for $399. If you are considering on signing on with SprintPCS, make sure to check out the Treo 600. AT&T and other providers will have the GSM version soon, and I heard it's even lighter and the battery will last even longer. I'm satisfied though....really I am.
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    It's always nice to read a very positive review. It'd be even nicer if that damn Fedex truck would show up with my package.
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    I agee! I've had this phone for about 4 days now and its rock solid for me. I love the form factor.

    No it's not high res and the camera isnt the best...but what an upgrade coming from the 300! I love this phone!
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    i agree with you guys comming from a 270 i find sprint service seems fine in my area.. The phone is really great it downloads files really fast and i find aol mail works great . It was a little heavier then i thought but i can live with that. Camera is not of highest quality but with enough light it is fine. Overall i would say it is top notch phone and pda .

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    I'm totally set up! Got zlauncher (seems to work great with the 5 way d-pad, got my cool backgrounds, got powerrun, snappermail, palmreader and a couple of beach books, ptunes courtesy of HS, and verichat. I also exported all of my contacts and my appointments. Now I just need to teach it to cook! Yeah, yeah, the camera's not great, but it's no worse than my Zire 71 or Sanyo 5300, and I wasn't complaining about those. Low res only is noticeable if I'm reading words in some form of document, so I just bold them, and voila! At mid brightness, it's brighter than my Zire 71 at full capacity brightness. I only got My Zire 3 months ago, but I very well may end up phasing it out! Honestly, only real complaint is that the headphone jack is on the bottom. So I can live with that. Done for now; going to play with my new toy, see ya!!!
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    oh, and got tvbrowser (the best app in town, hands down) so I don't miss my favorite tv shows!
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    thanks for the review. I love it too . . . got it monday night and have already used 17mb of data . . .sprint won't be happy @ $10/mo. my wife was having trouble w/ soft resets and I told her may need to be returned and she started getting upset . . .said she'd use it as is. . .but I got prob. fixd. she loves hers too.

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