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    I want to get the biggest one possible, is there any limits to size of SD card I can get for the Treo 600?
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    Is there a limit? Yes, there are two limits, one more meaningful than the other:

    - I am sure that the PalmOS can address only a certain size of card. What that limit is, I have no idea. However, I doubt we're anywhere near it. Put it this way, my point and shoot digital camera can address 2 GB cards with no trouble.

    - The biggest card on the market right now is 512 MB. The next card on the way is 1 GB. The 1 GB cards should be available soon, although probably for exhorbitant prices (greater than $400, maybe greater than $600).

    512 cards work fine - I'm using one right now - and 1 GB cards will also work fine.

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