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    Those that have them and have lived with them for a week or so: Is this device worth the effort to acquire and the asking price from either HS or SprintPCS?

    Does it solve some of the significant problems we have all had with the T300?


    Bob Duckworth
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    I am an old Omisky/Palm Vx user. I didnt care for the 270 or 300 but I have had my TREO 600 for a week and I LOVE it. I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. If BT and a 320x320 was a part of it; it gets 5 stars. I dont find the 160x160 all that bad. I used the palm zire 71 prior to the 600 (wife now has it.)
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    To put it in a hip or trendy term...

    It's the bomb!!!!

    I am 110% happy with the purchace!!!

    I got the upgrate rebate, but even at full pop, it's worth it IMHO.

    I was in a meeting, forgot my paperwork (hard copy). Use the T600 to log into my work email (OWA) that the T300 could not do, and then opened the email and downloaded the Word doc and used Doc to Go to view it. I did it all in less then 2 minutes and had the info in the palm of my hand and didn't look like a doofus for not having the info that I had on the paperwork (hope that made sence)

    Regards, Matt Burkhard:shortcut:
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    I've had it since since the 7th. I love it. The size takes some getting used to coming from a Samsung A500, but I love being able to carry around my PDA instead of leaving the Tungsten home all the time.

    I had a T300 for a few days, I returned it because I didn't like the battery life, cheap feel, screen quality, etc. I think the T600 has fixed all those problems. The T600 is the best Sprint phone I've ever had (in terms of reception, battery life).

    I got it for $499 no tax shipped free, which was cheaper than the Samsung I500 ($650, which I had for 1 week), plus I sold my Tungsten and had more than enough to pay for it.

    Plus, I love the mp3 player!

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