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    I see a lot of threads here about perceived versus real failures on 600 so I thought I would try to clarify and also ask others to add some more reality in response.

    1. The visible/lit screen area on Treo 600 is always offset to the left by about 1.5mm. Some have described this as a shrunken screen or as a 1mm strip of black nothingness on the right. This is normal. I presume it is simply to do with the physical placement of the screen and the way the screen is connected to the main board. To the less obsessed/normal, this may never be noticed. Visor Prism had the same offset to one side.

    2. Flashing asterisk in top right corner. I smiled when I saw this one. This is the Attention Manager of Palm OS 4.x and above. It is a consolidated system for any program that issues alerts to remind you of the alerts. Tap the asterisk to see the Alerts that are active.

    3. Small amount of light visible thru the right side panel at night. Again this is normal, the backlights for the screen are just behind this panel. At certain angles you can see the light thru the side panel at night. Again barely perceptible but normal.

    4. Lines on the screen. Adjust your contrast and brightness and the ghosting lines go away. Ghosting is usually visible on LCDs for strong grids or horizontal or vertical lines. Contrast adjustment nearly always makes this go away.

    5. Resets after first HotSync randomly after Treo 300 upgrade: You migrated some Treo 300 software that is not happy in your 600. Hard reset the 600 and go back to your user folder and clear out the Backup folder (cut the contents to a safe place) before first sync. Dont re-install any software that was special to the Treo 300 and you should be fine.

    6. Random wake up of Treo 600. This is a good one with a mysterious background. If you have Business Connection and you have the BC website sending you mail alerts everytime you get a mail, hidden SMS get sent to your device each time a mail pops in. Your device wakes up but of course BC is not yet compatible and does not do its thing. All you can do is be patient until next week when BC 6 arrives and all will be well again. For peace, you could go to the BC website for you account and turn off the mail notification feature.

    7. Speaker sounds croaky. Mine is clear as a bell unless I do something silly. Not sure what to make of this one but my hunch is this from my experiments with MP3s. The maximum volume that the speaker on the back of the phone is meant to deliver is the maximum volume that the speakerphone delivers. It is not meant to be room filling or chest vibrating. If you turn on volume boost in pTunes or you have set the volume level of MP3s really high, you are bound to get top end distortion on the speaker playback.

    Likewise the maximum volume for voice calls is also pretty loud. I presume that Handspring chose to make this loud enough to be able amplify weak calls so they are audible. So if you get a BOOMER on the other end of the line and are at max volume, you will also overdrive the speaker on the front or back of the phone.

    8. Flashless digital cameras of the kind used in Treo always take slightly grainy blue-cast images in low light - it's a feature :-) The camera in Treo 600 does works poorly at night or in dim rooms. The images will always look grainy or blue in low light. In daylight or a well lit room, it's fine though.
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    Dear mwomwom,

    I agree with everything that you've said in your post.

    Dave Lindberg
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    Excellent list, and I agree in every respect.

    Note that I opted to transfer what I wanted from Visor to 600 with the IR (which is very fast), and not with HotSynch. This way I had more control over what was transferred and where it ended up. I also avoided 'mysterious' crashes' this way. When I had manually transferred what I wanted, I uninstalled old HotSync, renamed the Program Files folder, and installed new HotSync with no old data/apps to mess things up.

    I also initially try applications (where possible) on the emulator first, a habit I got into with Visor/POSE.
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    mwomwom. your post made me curious about something, so I went and did a quick search. You've got 17 posts under your belt right now and 16 of them seem to be posts where you're troubleshooting problems or clarifying perceived problems. IOW, you come across as some sort of Treo support person. So, fess up...are you an employee of Handspring or Sprint?

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    I do support for some software that runs on Treos. Astute of you to notice :-) I am happy to share what I learn in the course of my work and prevent problems.
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