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    I have not found a definite answer to this question in my searches.
    How do you transfer ringtones purchased from Treocentral to the 600?
    I know that TCRinger is not needed to manage ringtones on the 600 and that is doesn't work anyway. The ringtones I purchased are in a .pdb file. How do I get them to work on the 600?
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    I couldn't figure this out either. What I did was load TC Ringer into the T600 along with the .pdb file which had the ringtones in it. I then used TC Ringer to transfer the MIDI tones to the radio. TC Ringer does work on the T600, but it won't play a sound preview. Once moved into the radio, I deleted TC Ringer and then used the built in manager to access them.

    One warning is that I have found that the volume of these ringers is less than the ones that the Treo comes with. Since I couldn't hear the phone ring using the TC Ringtones when the phone was in my pocket, I switched back to the included ones.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the info, Jeff. I will try it. I would really like to use the Mission Impossible theme.
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    We currently don't support the Treo 600, but are working on it.

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