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    By: JTREOB at 07/02/2004 03:08 AM

    My suggestion, get a portfolio going at Yahoo and follow your holdings in real time there or check out Free Real Time if you want real time without the ability to trade. Stock manager is a good portfolio manager for the non real time crowd. Regardless if you trade based on real time pda's/ smartphones are not the tool you should be using. The realiabilty or lack of and speed aren't condusive to accurate real time trades. I know of no real time pro's that use a pda/smart phone to do so.

    Is there a link to "Free Real Time"?
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    once there you can set up your own portfolio and bookmark that page. for real time index qoutes the home page posts them along with the current most active.
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    I've not used it but looks REALLY nice but too expensive for my taste.
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    I guess the first question is where does a site (like Bigcharts or Stockcharts) that delivers quotes, charts, etc get that information from in the first place. Obviously from the NYSE, Nasdaq, etc... but is that same information available from somewhere.

    I'd like to be able to create a personal Treo sized website that mirrors stock data. Sort of a self built streaming site, monitoring just the stocks I'm interested in at that moment. Is it possible to get just the raw data somehow, somewhere? Or is this a stupid question?

    Even delayed data would be ok right now.

    Anybody know?
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    I tried to do the same thing, would this work for you?

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    Have you actully gotten freerealtime to work on a Treo 600 inside of Blazer? I've registered and it works fine on my desktop, but it won't accept my username and password on my Treo 600 in Blazer. (when I put in the correct username and password, it just keeps redrawing a blanked out sign in screen...) I have "accept cookies" enabled. Have you actually logged on?
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