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    When I get an sms message the time on the message is 1 hour in the future. My guess is this has to do with daylight savings time. Am I the only one that has this issue? I am wondering if this is an Arizona only issue. Anyone else see this issue that is not in Arizona? Is this a setting on the phone or Sprint forgot that Arizona does not do daylight savings time?
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    I think you are right, or it might be an OS 5 glitch. I don't seem to find an option for Arizona time. When you select Date and Time under Palm Preferences, the phone has correct AZ time when "Enable Local Network Time" is selected; however, when you deselect the option, Arizona time is not an option. In Datebook 5, which has an AZ option, my times are an hour off. Fortunately Datebook 5 has enough options to run the stock market, and I was able to change a setting to correct the datebook times. You might be able to add a city and select its options, but I haven't checked it out.
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    I had a Sanyo 5300 and when I got alerts it was also 1 hour off. This must be a sprint issue? Anyone?

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