View Poll Results: Ordered on 10/9 or 10/10 from HS? Tell us whether you received your order.

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  • Ordered Thursday, 10/9, and received it.

    23 34.33%
  • Ordered Thursday, 10/9, and did not receive it.

    20 29.85%
  • Ordered Friday, 10/10, and received it.

    11 16.42%
  • Ordered Friday, 10/10, and did not receive it.

    13 19.40%
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    There has been many reported delays regarding orders placed with Handspring on 10/9 and 10/10 where the orders have now been in an "Awaiting Shipment" status for a few days. People who ordered later seem to be not having the same problem. This is an attempt to try to get a clearer picture of the size of the problem. Please respond to the poll only if you ordered on one of those dates.

    Edit: I can't adjust the poll, but I now realize that I should have worded the questions such that they refer to receiving and/or shipping.

    Should have also added a category for those who ordered after 10/10.
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    I ordered on the evening of 10/9 and am still on the "awaiting shipment" status. I just called Handspring and they sprung another one on me. When I stated that it had been a week and it looks like they would not make their committment they stated that it was a week PLUS a few days to process the order. Did I miss that fine print some where?
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    Ordered 10/9 for next day del and anticipating it at my door when I get home today.
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    I ordered mine 10/10/2003 at 5:00 AM EST and received it yesterday, 10/15/2003 at Noon!!!
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    Ordered 10/9 (Thursday) and recieved 10/15 (Wednesday). I used overnight delivery and had a few accessories.
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    ordered 10-10 @ 5p pacific...
    still "awaiting shipment"
    (different bill/ship addresses)
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    I ordered 10/9 in the evening (regular, not next day shipping) and it is in my hometown Tacoma, WA awaiting shipment to my door tomarrow.
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    If this isn't a load of crap!!!

    I called handspring to see what was going on. They said the items would MAYBE go out today, but most likely tomorrow. What the h*ll is going on?!?

    I'm gonna look around at the sprint stores later. If I can find one I'm just gonna buy it, and refuse shipment from my handspring order (handspring rep said they'd give a full refund if you refuse shipment). I hate to treat handspring like this after they made such a fabulous product, but this whole order thing is getting out of hand im my opinion. It makes me mad that people who ordered this week have their phones, while a bunch of us who ordered last week are still waiting for them to ship.
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    I ordered mine on 10-9 at 1pm. Still on awaiting shipment. My order was one of those that had the "failed order" on Tuesday morning and was corrected shortly that morning.

    Some info: billing different than shipping
    Cheap shipping
    Credit card has not been charged

    I wonder if it would be faster to cancel my order and do it again. But I would have to make sure I get my serial number reactivated!!!

    Probably too late now. I'm tempted to call HS, but i think they'll give me the run around like all the rest. I'll be patient!!! and be less obsessed!!!

    Good luck to us!!!
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    ordered: treoo 600, car charger, and stereo adapter 10/9 at 9h30 a.m. CST
    received: all items on 10/15 at 2h20 p.m.
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    It seems all the 'failed order' people got bumped to the back of the line. Maybe we ought to ask Handspring about this.
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    I called them being a 10/9 order customer and stated that I had read on TC that orders placed latter were shipped sooner. I was informed that since they do not own TC they nor I should believe it and unless I can provide them customer names and order numbers. Basically, they stated I am just off base.

    What kind of company makes their customers the enemy???? Is this the product we all really want and at what price?
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    Thats a bit much right there. I mentioned to the rep I spoke to that it seemed orders from 10/9 and 10/10 were stuck, while orders much later were getting shipped out. He said he didn't really know why. However, he didn't flat out call me a liar like your rep did.

    I'm looking for a number to their corporate offices. Lets see if we can get someone important on the phone
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    Ordered Friday morning. Status JUST CHANGED to Awaiting Shipment after being stuck on CC Approved since Monday or Tuesday.
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    ordered: treo 600 and stereo adapter 10/10 at 7h10 a.m. EST
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    Two calls to Handspring, one rep said they are just "behind" fulfilling orders & other rep, when pushed, confirmed that the 'failed order' people got pushed back to the end of the line at the point it was fixed.
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    Did he give any indication as to when that would ship out? I was one of the 'failed order' people as well.

    I should've cancelled when I had the chance. I'm just bitter with handspring right now.

    Edit: Actually I'm on the phone with handspring again, politely giving the rep a hard time

    He was telling me my treo would definetly ship today. I told him if he was sure it was shipping to get me a tracking number, so he said he'd call the shipping dept to make sure it was going out.

    He called them, said they said they were sure it'd be going out, and they'd send me the tracking number later. He also said if I didn't get the email soon, to call back. So.....maybe everyone 'failed order' shipments are going out today. Or maybe this guy was blowing smoke up my a**!! We'll see.
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    Ordered one on 10/9 at 12 noon central time. Billing address was different from shipping address. Also ordered stylus 3-pack and headphone adapter.

    Just received entire order via fed-ex 30 minutes ago.

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    i ordered before those dates and recieved it before those dates....ordered on the 6th recieved on the 7th or ordered on the 7th and recieved on the 8th one of those.
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    Must have been some processing issues last week, ordered 10/13 11:15 Eastern and was delivered today.
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