View Poll Results: Ordered on 10/9 or 10/10 from HS? Tell us whether you received your order.

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  • Ordered Thursday, 10/9, and received it.

    23 34.33%
  • Ordered Thursday, 10/9, and did not receive it.

    20 29.85%
  • Ordered Friday, 10/10, and received it.

    11 16.42%
  • Ordered Friday, 10/10, and did not receive it.

    13 19.40%
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    I ordered on 10/9, and was victim to the order failed" fiasco. Anyway, after 2-3 days in "awaiting shipping" limbo, i finally got my email confirmation of shipment. Fed ex picked the package up yesterday morning, and the website didn't update until this morning. Anyway, looking forward to delivery! its been a trying experience so far.
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    That's weird...ordered mine (T600) on 10/9 around 5pm (CT)...cleared the CC about 3 hours later.....received my "next day" Fex # 1/2 hour later!!!

    She's a week old!!!!!!

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    Ordered Thursday the 9th and recieved it almost exactly 7 days to the minute later.

    Obviously there was a fullfillment gaffe along the way that hung up many of the orders on the 9th.
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    Buck up fellow gadget geeks!

    I too, ordered on 10/9, and had the "Awaiting Shipment" status for forever.

    However, my T600 arrived the same day I received the "Your Order Has Been Shipped" email.

    And it's not like I live next door to the fulfillment center. I'm in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
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    Originally posted by MachBoy
    Ordered 23:58CDT on 9 October 2003. Informed at order time of 5-7 day delay. This is day 7 (for another hour) and the order remains "Awaiting Shipment". On Tuesday, 14 October 2003 - when status changed from "Failed Order" to "Awaiting Shipment" HS Cust Svc said unit "will ship tomorrow". Nope. A call minutes ago to HS Cust Svc yielded the following:

    HS: "We're trying to clear all of those out as fast as we can; there's no reason it shouldn't go out tomorrow [17 Oct]"
    me: "I would have more confidence in that statement if I hadn't been told on Tuesday that it would ship yesterday and if the 5 to 7 day delay window hadn't expired."
    HS: "It may have gone out already and be on a truck."
    me: "So you have no idea what the order status actually is?"
    HS: "I'm just saying it may already have shipped. When it has we will e-mail you with a tracking number and confirmation."
    me: "And since I have received neither of those, it sounds like it has not shipped. What do you suggest?"
    HS: "Wait 'til tomorrow and if you still haven't heard anything give us a call back and we'll look into it."

    No, folks, I didn't make-up this exchange! Handspring apparently doesn't even trust its own tracking system and would rather encourage repeated calls (the better for someone ELSE to handle) than to troubleshoot a failed service committment.

    Clearly HS was not fully prepared for this launch. That's understandable to me. But the dissembling, buck-passing and inaccurate data are not understandable, imho.

    (also, fyi, the HS CSR collected my e-mail address unlike on previous calls)
    For the record, I received an e-mail at 05:07CDT on 17 October indicating that my order had shipped; another e-mail followed at 05:28CDT with activation information.

    FedEx's website indicates that the shipment was picked up at 11:15MDT in Orem, UT, on 16 October.

    We now have conclusive proof that FedEx knows more about HandSpring's orders than does HandSpring's Cust. Svc. people or its website. I certainly hope that the same software engineers are not responsible for the Treo 600's code as are responsible for HandSprings order tracking system.
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    I got it today.

    I called this morning and they said it was shipped out YESTERDAY! While it still said awaiting shipment.

    I checked Handspring's site at 10:30am and found the Awaiting shipping had changed to Shipped. I clicked on Tracking and found that it had shipped Thursday evening and arrived in DC at 10:41am. The Memphis, TN Fed Ex plane was late due to bad weather.

    I called Fed Ex and they said "Sorry for the delay, we will try to get it to you between 3 and 5pm today (Friday)" I call them back at 2:00 pm. Fed Ex says its on the truck. I call them again at 4:00 pm, same deal, its on the truck. I call them at 4:30 pm and they finally say "Sorry, its still here. The PM truck never had a chance to pick it up for delivery, you'll see it Monday."

    After I cussed them out a few times and *****ed and moaned about why they didn't say it earlier....I finally got fed up with them and slammed the phone down. I take a few breaths, grab a Coke...then call them again. I reconfirmed with another Fed Ex rep that its at the facility. I tell them, "DO NOT PUT IT ON A TRUCK, I'm getting it NOW. I will be there in 15 minutes." They assured me that they will notify the Fed Ex office that has it to hold it for me in the front office.

    I raced across town to NE DC where the main sorting facility is...battling rush hour traffic and finally make it there in 20 minutes. I walk into the main office and find out I have to wait because its still the shipping dock warehouse. (What a surprise! - Insert major sarcasm here--) So I sit and wait about 15 minutes before it finally appears. YES!! It's in my hand!!! I sign the received slip and race back out to my car and promptly.....get stuck in rush hour traffic.

    Fast Forward 1 hour later. I'm charging my phone and reading the manual. At least they put some fonts in Red

    This is going to be a fun weekend

    Good luck with your orders. My ordeal is finally over. Life is complete.

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    Originally posted by Dizzy
    I got it today.

    I race across town to NE DC where the main sorting facility is...
    Mine was supposed to be shipped to the office, but I was working somewhere else today, so I had planned to swing by on the way home. I called the office around 5 to see if it had arrived (FedEx web site said it was at the sorting facility at 1:00, but I thought it might be out and delivered without updating the web site). The office says that a lot of packages arrived today. Mine might be in there. Thanks. I go, and it's not. I call FedEx and find out I can pick it up in NE DC, and they're open until 8:30. I got there by 7:00. Charging now. I love the cute noises it makes.
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    Originally posted by guessed
    Ordered 10/09 in the evening, still "Awaiting Shipment". I took the cheap shipping ($8.50, cheapest they offered, anyway), and I'm kicking myself for not adding the headphone adapter to my order.
    Mine finally shipped today. I should have it next week. Joy.

    And I had to share this with you all... I am selling my Treo 300 on Ebay (will probably have to list it again, I set the reserve too high, but they were going for more when I started the auction. Go figure Never have been good at market timing), and I got this in an question from an ebay user:

    can you tell me the serial number?
    Now THAT is funny.
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    Still awaiting shipment............. Handspring "believes it shipped" but couldn't provide a tracking number. He said he could give it to me on Monday. I said, "if it's been shipped yesterday via Overnight shipping I wouldn't need the tracking number b/c I would already have it". He kinda mumbled something and that was it.
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