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    Just curious about the treo 300 sn rebate. I was able to put in a random sn and get to congrats you qualify for the rebate. My question is can they track this? what if I was somebody who bought a rebate from ebay and the person gave me a sn? Also has anybody who has a valid treo 300 sn tried to put it in twice? I saw a thread where people were selling their sn. Just curious if you can put the same number twice and get another rebate.
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    They are aware of people doing it, and if you are caught putting in a random number, there is a possiblity that your CCard will get charged for the difference at the very least.

    I.E. You don't have a Treo300, and did not buy a legit number off of Ebay, and hence put in a fraudulent Serial number, in most states that is fraud and/or petty theft. So good luck. Will you get caught? Probably not. But it's people that do this that make managers think twice about offering rebates like this in the future.

    Thanks dude....NOT!
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    If your have no qualms about committing a fraudulent act, then go for it. Also keep in mind, if you have a guilty nature, of the potential to ruin this generous offer by HS for legitimate Treo owners.
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    i did not order the phone just wanted to see what would happen if i enetered the sn. As well what if a friend gave the sn b/c they are not planning on purchasing the 600?
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    I too feel a bit confused about the way they are doing the rebate.... What is to stop someone from guessing my SN at random and using my upgrade?

    Also, can anyone clarify this.... What if we have a Treo 270 that is not under contract anymore. Can we sign-up for a new contract and get the contract discount (it is $450 with Sprint) and then also apply for an upgrade credit from Handspring?

    Or is it one or the other? If it is just one or the other, it's actually better for me to upgrade with Handspring and get the phone for $400 and then get a non-contract plan (or a one-year plan) with Sprint?

    And damn, Cingular is going to offer the Treo 600 for $100 more then Sprint's contract?! THat's rich.
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    You can't get both credits. Sprint offers the credits on their in stock phones, and the handspring offer is only good directly from handspring.

    Who knows about T-Mobile and Cingular though. Most likely they'll follow the pattern that Sprint uses. You could always negotiate that when you get your plan and see what they'll do for you.

    I'd negotiate that all before I bought the phone though.

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