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    I'm not a lawyer, but a contract is a 2 way street. For your consideration (legal talk for money) they have an obligation to provide a set service for a set price for a set period of time. If SPCS decides they can change the terms of their part of the deal w/o some form of compensation to you ... they should feel absolute fear with LWNP on Nov 24.

    That mgr is blowing smoke ... he is probably hiding something!
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    Well here's my experience with PictureMail. (Amazing that we're all getting different stories!)

    I signed up on Sprint as a new customer with their $100/month plan for 2000 minutes as well as unlimited Sprint Vision. As I was getting off the phone, I asked, "this will work with pictures too?" and the rep said, "oh, your phone has a camera? hold on, I'll need to change something then."

    Basically she gave me a choice. I could go with Sprint Vision with Pictures, and have the ability to do PictureMail, and get a $5 credit applied to any downloads I might do throughout the month (ringers, screensavers, etc.)

    Or, I could go for Sprint Vision without Pictures, not be able to use PictureWeb, and get a $10 credit applied to any downloads.

    At first I went for option #1. The ringtones are lame, especially since there free ones out there that don't expire. (not to mention I can't even get their pages to go beyond the first 9.) So why would I need $5 more credit for something I probably wouldn't use? And I wanted to be able to play with PictureMail.

    But now that I realize PictureMail is weak, and I'll have better control via SnapperMail, I think I'll go with option #2. $10 credit is better than $5 credit -- maybe they'll offer something worthwhile to use it with soon.
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