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    I use a PIII Win2K laptop with less than 200 MB RAM at work.

    For the past week, my system has been extremely slow and I see that a process called connection.exe has been taking up 100% CPU usage.

    Connection.exe is the Sprint Business Connection that forwards my corporate emails to my treo.

    Has someone faced this problem. It used to work fine. I did a search for connection.exe and looks like there is a virus by the same name -

    My virus scan is not catching anything. Is anyone facing the same problem.
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    try exiting business connection, closing all open outlook (or whatever mail client you use) windows, and then restarting business connection.

    maybe it could be some kind of resource or memory leak?? i don't think it's a virus. if you want to be sure, you could uninstall it, run your virus checker (make sure your virus definitions are up to date!) and reinstall it.

    btw, looks like sprint just updated to 6.0 business connection--i'm going to upgrade when i get in the office tomorrow. maybe the new client will be better for you in this respect?
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    I have the same problem; don't think it's a virus but don't know what it is.
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    Me too. it's complete insane! using almost 200mb of RAM in 5mins!

    seems it's only doing it when sending data.

    Something needs to be done. this is absolutely unusable.
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