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    Originally posted by treoo0
    Someone in my office just told me their Sprint contact said the GSM delay is because of low stock. He said this is because of the "Month-Long" vacation most European's get.

    Could this be true? Anyone know where the GSM T600 is manufactored? If so, what holiday falls around this time (and why the h@ll can't US workers get a month off!?!)
    Sounds like someone's garbage. Or bad joke.
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    I have a TREO 600 bought through Orange in the UK.
    Its excellent and is very much more usable than the
    TREO 270 I had. There is a very annoying bug in the
    software that serious PALM OS users will find unacceptable. The bug occurs when using the search facility, which is something I do alot of, the TREO resets itself, yes it actually
    does the equivalent of a software reset, as if one had activated the reset button through the little hole in the back.
    Its not a strong enough reason not to get one of these
    beautifully crafted machines but it must be fixed asap.
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    I bought the treo600 (GSM) a few days ago and have discovered a serious bug. I reported this and apparently there is no fix and Handspring is still working on it.

    When you have both GSM900 and GSM1800, and if it drops to GSM1800 because of poor coverage, it will not switch back to GSM900 although you have set it manually to GSM900. You can't reset it (to GSM900) no matter what.

    If you need GPRS to do MMS/Internet, you will need to switch it to GSM900. The "fix" for now is to get another GSM phone and switch it back to GSM900 and put the SIM card back in the Treo600 and hope it will not switch back to GSM1800.

    The version of my firmware is 2.01, Software: Treo600-1.05-INT, Hardware: B

    Hope Handspring will release a fix soon!
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