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    I activated my Treo 600 (upgrade from a 300) last Monday but I still can not connect to Vision.

    Every time I run Web I got the following messages:

    "Preparing Vision Services"
    "You phone must be configured for Vision services..."

    Tap on now.

    After that I get a screen that says:

    " Preparing vison services..."

    After a few seconds I get:

    "Unkonwn error"
    "An error has ocurred. If the problem persists, contact Sprint"

    I called sprint customer support and they scalated the ticket to level 3.....

    Any ideas out there?

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    Go into Prefs and make sure your date/time is set correctly and then try again. I don't know if it still has that prob but that was an issue with Sprint in the past.
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    They are correct... Problem persist...Thanks anyways...
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    I had similar problems. Ended up that it was something I had synched from my TungstenT. In the end, I had to backup and do a hard reset. After that, I was able to connect to Vision services no problem (and then be a little more careful of what I transferred to my Treo).
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    I had the exact same problem. You need to do a hard reset. Then go to the network settings and select SPRINT PROVISION. Do this before you sync any new data to your T600. This will fix the issue.

    Good luck.
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    It worked!!!

    Thank a buch Guys!!!
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    I have been having the same problem with mine. In the past few days I have spend about 6 hours on the phone with sprint, yet no fix. Its extremely annoying and makes me miss my i500. After speaking to numurous techs, the highest i was able to get was level 2. I have reset the phone with the ## code, done soft resets, done the ## code to manually provision vision and enter in all the information and tunneling codes... Still no luck. No one had yet asked me to try a hard reset so when i looked on here for this subject I thought i had discovered my fix ... I was wrong. Sprint doesnt seem to be of much help so far. Any other suggestions?

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    See the thread below....lots of us having the same problem provisioning:

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