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    I posts my first impressions of Treo 600 vs. RIMM on my site:
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    I added my second impressions and also a comparison with RIMM on the site too.
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    You mentioned a couple of times in your blogs about using AIM's Palm client. For IM, the program you want is called Verichat, and is available here:

    It supports all of the IM clients, and from what I have read here, it works beautifully. I have loaded it on the T600 emulator, and it works flawlessly.

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    I actually tried Verichat, my AOL buddy list would act weird and my IMs I sent didn't go through. Maybe it was a problem with my network or something.
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    AOL IM worked fine on my Treo 600. I dumped it for Verichat since the send line doesn't erase after you send a messeage. A real pain and renders AOL IM useless as far as I am concerned. Verichat works great with no problems for me and seemingly hundreds of other people who post on Treocentral.
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    sbpooch, which version of aol IM are you using? thx
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    I tried Verichat 1.90b on my treo 600 again. It doesn't work. It logs in AOL, shows only one of my 4 buddy list windows. When I IM a friend, he doesn't get my messages.
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    I d/l'ed the version on the UK site. I believe 1.0. pm me your email address if you can't find it. I'll send it to you.
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    It does indeed work on the 600 (at least for me, in Texas, on the Sprint network). Even the 5-way nav is enabled, and very nicely. So yes, it most definitely works.
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    Yeah I downloaded the AOL IM on the UK site. It soft resets my Treo 600.

    Verichat seems to have trouble with my 100+ buddies across 4-5 buddy groups. It only shows one buddy group and doesn't show the others.
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    In using VeriChat for the T600, did you download the HiRez version or the regular version?

    Also, it asks for your telephones email address. do you use your address or your third party, say Earthlink, email address?

    Thank you.
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    I think we should take this Verichat dicussion off this topic. But yes I put in my sprintpcs addresa and downloaded the low res version.
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    Now a week later, I'm still loving my Treo 600. I bought a $64 256meg SD card at Costco and now listening to Mp3s. Ordered the headset adaptor at also.
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    I'll also say I have a perfect screen - centered and the battery life has been stellar!

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