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    I need software or a service that will wirelessly keep my Treo 600 calendar in synch with my Outlook XP calendar at the office.

    I've installed the Visto system and it seems to work fine for email, but it doesn't handle the calendar. I used Sprint BCS on my Treo 300, but it only supported the calendar as a Web page, not integrated with the Palm calendar app.

    This is a heavily-firewalled corporate environment running Exchange 2K. We have the Blackberry Enterprise Server (works great for both email and calendar, but no help for non-RIM devices), but I can run other connectors on the desktop - Visto and Sprint BCS get through without problems.


    PS: I did read the thread about running Hotsynch wirelessly, but I don't think I would be allowed to punch holes in the firewall as required by that approach.
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    Try Goodlink 2.1 from Good Software. It works with Exchange and wirelessly synchs all outlook info
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but Good requires the Goodlink Server for Exchange connectivity; they don't have a desktop alternative. Companies that are already offering the Blackberry Enterprise Server for their employees are unlikely to agree to support another server that does essentially the same thing just so we can use our Treo 600's.

    In summary,

    Blackberry: desktop software = yes; wireless calendar = yes; Treo = no

    Sprint BC: yes; as Web page only; yes

    Visto: yes; no; yes

    I'm looking for yes, yes, yes!

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