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    Wher are the best third party websites with the best Treo 600 rebates? Sprint stores in my area do not have a clue about anything. First store did not even know about the 600, wanted to know if this has been released yet? The next store says they can not order phones only what they have in stock and no treos in store yet. so Where can I get the best trird party rebate for existing customers? The sprint reps also tell me I can not get the $100 rebate for signing contract.
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    anyone know of the best rebates?
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    How long have you owned your current phone? If longer than 9 months, sprint should give you a small discount ($50 I believe) toward a new phone. If you've had your phone 18 months with them, there's a $150 credit that you can receive. If you do a search, I know the link to that was posted here yesterday.
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    i am looking for rebates from a 3rd party website like treocentral store offers $50 rebate if purchased through them.

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