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    I have two T600's and there is a difference between the two.

    1)If you look at the side buttons, the ones that control the ringer sounds, call sounds, etc. On one phone they are a metalic silver(almost like there is metalic paint on top of the plastic keys) on the other phone they are a dull silver(actually the dull color looks just like the plain plastic button and blends into the silver strip that they are housed in along the phone).

    2) The one with the plain plastic keys has a louder speaker but when you use the "swoosh" ringer at the 4th bar volume it sounds distorted the other phone sounds great at all levels when playing the swoosh ringer.

    3) The screen on the phone with the plastic buttons is slightly less bright than the other.

    4) When you tap a number on the dial pad and the phone is laying flat on the table you can hear it much louder with the plastic button phone vs the metalic button phone.

    5) The plastic button phone's sd card doesn't slide in perfectly unlike the other metalic phone which slides right in.

    6) The metalic button phone's five way pad has a little free play in the bezel where the plastic button phone's five way pad is very tight.

    7)The keyboard on the metalic button phone is tight and you hear no squeaking when typing but on the plastic button phone the buttons squeaks slightly when you are typing using your two thumbs.


    The metalic button phone is and older lot according to the serial number vs the plastic button phone, overall I think there must be some production changes taking place as they are being shipped. Any thoughts?
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    yea, I had two also, sent the first one back to sprint...

    the main differencences I saw was that there is some kind of fabric cover between the case and the speaker on the later model... the later model is not as loud....

    the screens between the two looked the same... EXCEPT when I put my sunglasses on.... they are polarized.... and the later model looks pink with my sunglasses on.... and the earlier model does not....

    I didn't get to choose which one I could keep unless I wanted to give up the $200 savings through handspring, so I sent back the first one...

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